Daily Archives: April 11, 2009


ALI SUKHANVER   All changed too sudden. No where in the remote past; just a few years back, we were living in a paradise; faces calm and quite, eyes full of dreams, minds full of hopes; the parks resounding with joyful cries of children; bazaars echoing with the bickering of […]

No thank you, we’re Pakistani

Shakir Husain With Admiral Mullen and Richard Holbrooke meeting President Zardari as I write this article, initial reports quote the president telling the two Pakistan specialists from the Obama administration, “Pakistan needs unconditional support.” As President Zardari knows very well, there is no such thing as a blank checque or […]

Treating Pakistan’s ‘cancer’ —Saleem H Ali

The metaphor of “cancer” is particularly apt for our purposes: highly targeted radiotherapy, analogous to commando-style raids that have yielded important Al Qaeda targets, are essential to kill cancer cells. But excessive radiation (in the form of repeated drone attacks) itself spawns further cancer cells. President Obama’s recent statement on […]