March 24, 2009

Air travel and health problems

International travel will be doubled as projected by international Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) by 2020. A survey report by world trade organisation in 2006 showed that out of 840 million passenger more than 50% were on leisure trip, 17% business while 27% to meet friends while others non specific. Such a huge bulk of people, being transported across boards is causing a lot of health hazards.

There are many factors which augment such health problems and include long hours of travel, stress, unfamiliarity to new destinations and unawareness to precautionary measures. Some non-human causes are varying atmospheric pressure vs. Cabin pressure, (which is lower at cruising height (35-42000 ft) than sea level). Moreover cosmic radiations in space, ozone and crossing of time zones are other contributing factors. Due to all above stimuli, air travel may not be so pleasant as fancied, so “welcome onboard” may sound, “unwelcome aboard”!Read More »Air travel and health problems

ISLAMABAD: Tarin hints at capital gains tax on real estate

cement-app-608Sajid Gondal

The Prime Minister’s Adviser on Finance Shaukat Tarin has hinted at the imposition of capital gains tax on real estate deals and indirect taxes on the service sector in the next budget.

Talking to Dawn, Mr Tarin said there was no justification for not taxing capital gains on real estate and service sector.

The government, he said, was exploring all avenues to expand the tax base and all people who should pay tax but were not doing so would be brought into the net.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Tarin hints at capital gains tax on real estate

Indian hand seen in attack on Lanka’s team

Pakistan ShootingA rocket launcher used by a gunman in an attack is seen in Lahore.-AP

By Zulqernain Tahir

LAHORE: The rocket-launchers and explosives used in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team are in the use of Indian forces, Dawn has learnt.

According to a forensic report, four rocket-launchers and nine explosives seized from the scene are factory-made and used by Indian forces.

Forty grenades, 10 sub-machine guns (SMGs), five pistols, 577 live rounds of SMGs and 160 bullets of pistols were also found there. The terrorists had fired 312 bullets, two rockets and detonated two bombs.

‘No suicide jacket was found at the scene, suggesting that they were not on a suicide mission. The SMGs used in the attack are of Russian, German and Chinese made,’ an investigator told Dawn on Monday.Read More »Indian hand seen in attack on Lanka’s team