March 22, 2009

Traffic jams harm the heart

Forget road rage. A new study out of Germany has uncovered evidence that getting stuck in traffic prompts an even more serious and immediate consequence — a much higher risk for suffering a heart attack.

The finding does not isolate which particular virtue of road congestion — stress, pollution, car exhaust or noise — might be the driving force behind the apparent cardiovascular threat.

However, after a four-year analysis of nearly 1,500 heart attack cases, the authors came to the conclusion that making one’s way through traffic — whether as a driver, a rider of public transport, or even a bicyclist — seems to more than triple the chances for experiencing a heart attack in the first hour immediately following exposure. Read More »Traffic jams harm the heart

Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Rail project revival amid controversies

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By Moayyed Jafri
AFTER remaining dormant for years, the Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Rail Project (LRMT) is finally being revived despite all controversies.

The Asian Development Bank and the Steering Committee for the LRMT have agreed to employ a transactional adviser to set the project wheels rolling as the June deadline for the cooperation nears. In a meeting on Friday, the transactional adviser, which most probably will be a marketing/consultancy firm, will market the project in the international arena to attract investors on the Build Own Transfer (BOT) basis, Planning and Development Chairman Sohail Ahmed told The News. In 1993, the World Bank funded ‘Lahore Traffic and Transport Studies’ proposed an underground railway system to ease traffic problems. Read More »Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Rail project revival amid controversies

Pakistan National Savings schemes attract over Rs130bn

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ISLAMABAD: The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) has crossed the Rs130 billion mark by luring investments in savings schemes till March 20 against a total target of Rs150 billion for financial year 2008-09.

Official sources confirmed to The News on Saturday that the finance ministry had set a target of Rs150 billion in investments in various schemes offered by the National Savings Scheme (NSS).

The target was set on the basis of introducing three new schemes including short-term financing certificate as well as a paper offering an attractive rate of profit to overseas Pakistanis sending remittances home.Read More »Pakistan National Savings schemes attract over Rs130bn