Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

ISLAMABAD: HEC to set up Benazir Bhutto campus 3

Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) project to develop Shaheed Benazir Bhutto campus of University of Malakand, Sheringal Dir, NWFP will enable 980 students to get higher education opportunity. HEC has submitted the project to develop Benazir Bhutto campus and it will be helpful in spreading higher education, said a news release […]

UPS, generator sale surges in Lahore 5

Manzoor Qadir The recent spell of load shedding in the city ahead of start of summer season has pushed the sales of electricity generators and UPS by 25 percent up as compared to previous months. The new phase of the load-shedding, which is expected in the coming months manifold expressed […]

A Pakistani marriage —Rafia Zakaria 1

Marriages are routinely and unapologetically arranged to solidify business interests, land disputes and old vendettas. The woman, then, with the maligning spectre of divorce hanging over her, is left to endure whatever abuse her husband or in-laws may heap on her Recently, Mukhtar Mai’s married Nasir Abbas Gabol in her […]