March 16, 2009


alisukhanwerALI SUKHANVER

It is just the beginning of a new spring, new flowers eager to blossom, new fragrance keen to dispel, new birds, new songs, altogether a virgin scenario. The people of Pakistan would never forget the 16th march of 2009.It is a day which conveys the whole world a very zestful message that the Pakistanis are a nation not a crowd. They have proved that no one can crush or mash their identity. Although the present pleasant situation in Pakistan won’t be very much pleasing for the anti-Pakistan forces, yet for the Pakistani nation it all is like a stepping stone.


The restoration of the Justice Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Pakistan has provided new grounds for thinking to the people of Pakistan. This restoration has on one hand   restored their confidence in democracy and on the other hand strengthened their strong belief in the Pakistan army. Unlike its past, the role of Pakistan army remained altogether changed throughout the restoration movement; very much indifferent and unprejudiced. Under the command of General Kiyani the Pakistan Army fulfilled its promise that it would always remain aloof from all political affairs inside Pakistan.Read More »AUTUMN TRUMPETS SPRING

Another day, another deal —Syed Mansoor Hussain

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syedmansoorMr Zardari is not going anywhere, the army is not going to intervene and the Long March cannot be stopped completely. And if the PMLN government is not restored in the Punjab, the situation could deteriorate; possibly to the point where there will be complete breakdown of all law and order

Friday the Thirteenth is safely behind us but the Ides of March is now upon us. For those that keep bringing up the Ides of March, it might be worth remembering for them that the assassination of Julius Caesar let “loose the dogs of war” and eventually led to the ascendancy of Caesar’s heir Octavian as emperor with the end of the Roman Republic. Read More »Another day, another deal —Syed Mansoor Hussain

Riot of colours, fragrance set to invade Islamabad

fragranceThe much-awaited spring seems to be awakening from its wintry slumber and its presence in the federal capital can be felt with all paraphernalia accompanying it.

The nippy weather has already given way to the somewhat a warmth feeling as the sunbeams continue to melt down the chill in the air and pierce through the murky sky. Soon, there will be a sudden burst of colours and fragrance everywhere from wild patches of grass covering every nook and cranny of the capital to adorned gardens of citizens.Read More »Riot of colours, fragrance set to invade Islamabad

Growing pollution leads to ‘global dimming’: study

growingpollutionVisibility on clear days has declined in much of the world since the 1970s thanks to a rise in airborne pollutants, scientists said on Thursday.

They described a “global dimming” in particular over south and east Asia, South America, Australia and Africa, while visibility remained relatively stable over North America and improved over Europe, the researchers said.

Aerosols, tiny particles or liquid droplets belched into the air by the burning of fossil fuels and other sources, are responsible for the dimming, the researchers said. Read More »Growing pollution leads to ‘global dimming’: study


Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan


The 10th summit meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) was held in Tehran. It stressed the need to establish a free trade area in ECO region by 2015. According to the ECO’s trade agreement all the member countries should lower trade duties to 15% on 80% of goods traded within eight years. ECO is an international organization composed of 10 countries namely, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

President Asif Ali Zardari attended the meeting. He acknowledged the significance of regional cooperation as an essential mechanism to accelerate economic and social progress, development and stability in the region. He reaffirmed his commitment to ECOs goals and objectives as envisaged in the Izmir Treaty, the ECO vision 2015 and other basic documents as well as the declarations of the previous summit meetings.

Pakistan’s useful proposals

The President proposed different measure which can be useful to enhance trade and socio-economic cooperation among the ECO states. It included the creation of ECO free trade area, development of an ECO energy ring of pipelines and electricity grids, solid win-win trans-regional economic partnership, greater connectivity through road, rail, air and sea links, and forging of closer links with adjoining regions, particularly SCO and Saarc. He believed that by ensuring deeper integration, and leveraging our economic complementarities, the ECO can become the engine of growth for the world. Furthermore, he proposed various measures including activation of the ECO central bank to coordinate monetary policies and consider the development of a stimulus package for the region. He stressed the need to remove all trade barriers and currency swap arrangements must be put initiated.Read More »ECO: PROSPECTS AND CONSTRAINTS

Sea levels to surge at least a meter by century end

seavelsMonths before make-or-break climate negotiations, a conclave of scientists warned Tuesday that the impact of global warming was accelerating beyond a forecast made by UN experts two years ago.

Sea levels this century may rise several times higher than predictions made in 2007 that form the scientific foundation for policymakers today, the meeting heard.

In March 2007, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that global warming, if unchecked, would lead to a devastating amalgam of floods, drought, disease and extreme weather by the century end.Read More »Sea levels to surge at least a meter by century end

Reinstatement of deposed Judges: PM Gilani’s Address To The Nation

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Text of the speech in Urdu and English

My dear countrymen Assalam-o-Alaikum,

I am speaking to you at a time when our country is standing at a critical moment. No country can make progress without political tolerance and the PPP and lawyers have been together in struggle for upholding democracy in Pakistan. Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto actively participated in the struggle of restoration of judiciary was launched by lawyers. Benazir Bhutto wanted free judiciary and supremacy of the constitution.Read More »Reinstatement of deposed Judges: PM Gilani’s Address To The Nation