March 9, 2009

Principles, politics, and power —Syed Mansoor Hussain

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syedmansoorConsidering that the Punjab government allowed the PMLN to have its public meeting in Lahore on Friday without any interference, the federal government should not only allow the Long March and dharna in Islamabad but should even facilitate it

I believe that most people in positions of power and authority really want, and try, to do the best they can. This is especially true of politicians elected as leaders, and I still believe it to be true irrespective of what is going on in Pakistan right now. Read More »Principles, politics, and power —Syed Mansoor Hussain


alisukhanwerALI SUKHANVER

 That was the mid of December, 2007.I was going to Karachi from Lahore by train. Sitting very next to me was Suraish Kumar who had come from India to visit his relatives in Hyderabad. When the train left the Lahore station, he was Peering through the window, gazing at the gleaming roads, wondering at the sky-kissing buildings and gaping at the magnificently glittering automobiles. The middle-aged Indian spit the beetle juice in a small plastic bag and whispered in my ear, Bhayya yahan to sub kuch supnon jaisa hay—-bohat shubh, bohat shaant, bohat sundar” (Brother, here is everything very calm, peaceful and dreamlike).He was extremingly astonished at the living style and standard of the Pakistani people. He told me that in India the life of a common man is worse than animals, no food, no medicine, and no facility of life and even no say in any affair of life. The situation becomes more pathetic when the common man is a Christian, a Muslim or a low-caste Hindu. Sometimes I still visualize the depression in his eyes and the helplessness in his words when he was telling me about the world’s biggest democratic state. During the journey we exchanged our addresses and telephone numbers and promised to be in touch with each other in future. Unluckily I lost his address and we never contacted. Last month I received a letter from him, full of obscene slangs and abuses. He had shown his wrath on the Mumbai blasts and threatened that one day Pakistan would have to face the music. I was shocked at the language used by him but could do nothing just smile because I knew it all was a temporary effect of a very strong propaganda.Read More »MY FRIEND IS THE REAL INDIA