March 6, 2009

Why investors are preferring gold over currency!


ARTICLE (March 06 2009): A lot of people are surprised to see the US dollars strength, especially when there is a financial crisis in USA and the US economy is in doldrums. Losses of banks, insurance companies and corporates have reached over a trillion dollar mark. Overall, it has a long list of financial problems. Though the crisis is not only restricted to USA, the disease has engulfed the whole world.Read More »Why investors are preferring gold over currency!

Behind Lahore’s worsening crisis-Ahmad Rafay Alam

Since the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team at Lahore’s Liberty Market, nothing seems to make sense anymore. The country and its people appear to be drifting to anarchy and chaos. There is deep political crisis. The presidency has stolen the mandate of the people of Punjab and the Swat peace deal is crumbling at its foundations. A Pakistani Taliban is taking over the northern regions. The economy is in deep slide (getting more IFI financing is not the same as a dynamic economy). Poverty is near 40 percent, and violence, intolerance and extremism are on the rise. Government institutions have failed; others are crumbling fast. The integrity of our armed forces is under question. Even cricket is dead.

We can scream blue murder because it’s broken. We can try and blame one another for breaking it. Or we can set about fixing it. You don’t need to be a genius to do this; or be a natural-born leader of men. You just need to participate. This is our mess. We need to clean it up. Read More »Behind Lahore’s worsening crisis-Ahmad Rafay Alam