March 4, 2009

Interview with Honorable Gustavo Machin Gomez Ambassador of Cuba in Pakistan



Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan


1. What is the stance of your country on the issue of global terrorism? What should be done to curb this fatal issue?


We are against any kind of terrorism and this is our national stance. We are against its trainers, financers and conspirators. It is inhuman act which discourages civility and socio-economic integration. We should find-out the root causes of terrorism. Instead of military operation we should also think and apply other means of development, diplomacy, engage dialogue and all possible politics. It is widespread fatal phenomena which has become serious global issue. Integrated global response is must for managing the terrorism problem.

2. How you rate Cuba’s relations with Iran? What are your suggestions to resolow you rate Cuba’s relations with Iran? What are your suggestions to resolve the alleged Iranian nuclear program?alleged Iranian nuclear program?


We have cordially and friendly relations with Iran. The relations between Teheran and Havana are very strong and with excellent prospects. Our bilateral ties with Iran are based on mutual respect, cooperation and coordination. We are cooperating in different projects and we are working on a bio-gas project in Iran too. Despite the geographic distance between both countries, cooperation relations are in full swing. There are other projects underway in the agriculture sector, in the food industry and in the communications sector. Every country has equal right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. We are in favour of peaceful nuclear program. So we support Iranian nuclear program for peaceful means.

3. How you rate your bilateral ties with Russia?


Cuba has had very friendly ties with Russia. We have strategic-oriented diplomatic ties with Russia. We hope after the state visit of Russia the bilateral ties would be further enhanced.

4. How you evaluate your ties with USA. What are the curial issues between the two countries?


Cuba has had bitter ties with the USA. We have been facing socio-economic embargo. We have been at receiving end due to the USA’s political isolation policies. The total loss in terms of monetary damage is $100 billion dollars. The USA has been scheming; initiating conspiracies and financing the terrorist groups against us. The USA used every possible method to destroy us because we have different political system and philosophy. Read More »Interview with Honorable Gustavo Machin Gomez Ambassador of Cuba in Pakistan

Night shift work hard on the heart

Working the night shift might lead to hormonal and metabolic changes that raise risks for obesity, diabetes and heart disease, researchers say.

“In the long run, the physiological impact of shift work on several markers involved in the regulation of body weight — leptin, insulin, cortisol — seems to contribute to the increased risk for the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity,” said study author Frank Scheer, an instructor of medicine in the division of sleep medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, in Boston. Read More »Night shift work hard on the heart