March 1, 2009

Politics of agitation in Pakistan —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

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hasanaskriModeration, tolerance and accommodation can help overcome the present crisis. Both sides need to stand-down from their rigid perspectives. The longer they confront each other in the streets, the harder it will be to find a peaceful and mutually acceptable solution

Democracy is a delicate system of governance that can be sustained only if the political class fully subscribes to and implements its basic norms in letter and spirit. The use of violence in the name of exercising the democratic right to protest shows a lack of understanding of the spirit of democracy.Read More »Politics of agitation in Pakistan —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

Loneliness can be as harmful as smoking

Don’t take social isolation or loneliness lightly, as brain scans have shown it can be as harmful as smoking.

The research, pioneered by the University of Chicago (U-C), is the first to combine fMRI scans with such data to study links between perceived loneliness and brain activity.

Researchers found that the ventral striatum – a region of the brain associated with rewards – is much more activated in non-lonely people than in the lonely when they view pictures of people in pleasant settings. Read More »Loneliness can be as harmful as smoking