Monthly Archives: March 2009

ISI link with Taliban is old and inconsequent allegation Faisal Muhammed (UNN report) 3

Brussels (UNN) EU based International mediator and diplomatic analyst Faisal Muhammed elaborated in an interview with UNN that increasing terrorist attacks in Pakistan are alarming for the region. It might disrupt the peace of south asia . Millitants are being funded by certain ” external elemants”. It is proven fact […]


ALI SUKHANVER   What else could innocent Marry do? She lost her parents, her brothers, her Barbie-doll and even her small wooden house in Tsunami. So one day, standing along the beach, she pricked her finger with a pen knife, took a white piece of paper and wrote a line […]


ITALIAN DEFENCE ATTACHÉ MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN 1. Would you please share with us your childhood and schooling? I was born in a little city, Benevento, 100 km far Naples and situated in the south of Italy. There I spent my childhood’s summers in the grandparents’ farm, while I attended the school […]

Islamabad diary: Battle for Pakistan

Ayaz Amir This battle — now a simmering war of attrition — has been on for some time and we are losing it. The Pakistan army was always meant for wars against India. It hasn’t a clue about fighting the Taliban in Swat and Waziristan. Indeed, the army’s less than […]

Beyond gloom and doom —Saleem H Ali

To use the dominance of a few thousand militants in a narrow valley as somehow suggestive of a larger movement towards Talibanisation of the whole of Pakistan is preposterous. I am not saying this out of crass patriotism or starry-eyed optimism but rather after a deliberate analysis of historical precedent […]

Restoration of Ramday shivers LDA officials

Yasir Habib Khan LAHORE – The restoration of Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, who remained in firm opposition to the construction of high-rising buildings and banned it in 2007, has sent shivers to all concerned LDA officials and builders defying the ban against multi-storey buildings in Lahore over the last two […]