February 2009

Will Lahore’s female artists be successful in protecting its freedom of expression? — APP

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FOR many months now, a group of women in Lahore has been fighting to protect its freedom of expression. These young women are actors who have been earning their living by performing in stage plays. They contribute dances that have sometimes been described as obscene. Should they, shouldn’t they be allowed? People have been constrained to ask the court.Read More »Will Lahore’s female artists be successful in protecting its freedom of expression? — APP

Eat poly meals for healthy heart

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Eating meals that include all ingredients known to improve cardiovascular health could add years to your life.

Researchers from Rotterdam, found that adding almonds, garlic, vegetables and other heart-healthy ingredients to daily diets, might increase the life expectancy of men aged 50 or above by more than 6 years, Health News reported. Read More »Eat poly meals for healthy heart

Age of Responsibility —Pamela Kilpadi & Syed Mohammad Ali

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Local input and an insistence on equity, transparency and accountability across multiple layers of governance is desperately needed to ensure that the development programmes of Pakistan’s new, democratically elected government actually reach the intended beneficiaries

As US special representative Richard Holbrooke navigates the diplomatic circles of Islamabad, discussions are unlikely to move beyond anti-terror talk and security strategies to delve deeply into other topics on the minds of most Pakistanis — water, shelter, roads, education, health — public services that are often the responsibility of local governments more than of national or donor officials. But Pakistan’s problems cannot be addressed without seriously considering the state of its public services.Read More »Age of Responsibility —Pamela Kilpadi & Syed Mohammad Ali

Publish and be damned-Anjum Niaz

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When a courtesan Harriette Wilson threatened to publish her memoirs and letters from her lover Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the Duke churlishly told her to “Publish and be damned!” Before I juxtapose an errant judge of today with the duke of over a century ago, let me say that judges are human. They have the same urges and needs as us all: money, love, mansions, limousines, friends and undercover indiscretions…even a tangle or two compromising positions – to use a jaded cliché that conjures images best left to one’s imagination. The public has no business to cast aspersions on the character of our lordships as long as they remain honest and sincere to their profession. Anyone making a personal attack on a judge commits contempt of court and deserves being hauled up and thrown in prison. Judiciary is the third pillar of the state. It is to be revered, feared and honoured. Read More »Publish and be damned-Anjum Niaz

Major advance’ seen in gene therapy to fight AIDS

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PARIS: The world’s largest experiment using gene therapy to combat the AIDS virus has yielded ‘a major advance’, demonstrating that the technique is both beneficial and safe, scientists said on Sunday.

Data from an advanced phase of the test process confirms that the quest to use transplanted genes to roll back the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is valid, they said.

Doctors, led by Ronald Mitsuyasu of the University of California in Los Angeles, recruited 74 HIV-infected volunteers for the experiment, whose results have been reported online by the journal Nature Medicine. Half the group were given blood stem-cells infiltrated by a crippled virus containing a key gene, while the other were given a harmless look-a-like substance.Read More »Major advance’ seen in gene therapy to fight AIDS

The American way of war —Shahzad Chaudhry

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For stability in Pakistan, conditions in Afghanistan must be improved through a pragmatic, realistic and inclusive political process, one that helps the moderate Afghan Taliban become part of the mainstream socio-political processes

Russell F Weigley’s The American Way of War is a historical record of all American wars till Vietnam, detailing the evolution of America’s strategy of war. Perhaps the most telling account of this evolution is the centrality of the ‘Strategy of Annihilation’ that Ulysses Grant’s General Sherman practiced in the civil war against General Robert Lee’s forces; terms like ‘torching’, ‘scorching’, and ‘smoking’ the earth and the countryside became part of the American military lexicon.Read More »The American way of war —Shahzad Chaudhry

Western love saga hits stage with a Punjabi twist

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KARACHI: Everyone knows about Romeo and Juliet, a classic love saga of the west and everyone also knows about Heer and Ranjha, a classic love story belonging to Punjab’s soil.

What people did not know was the fact that the lovelorn couples of the two classic love stories would share centre stage. This was done by a young writer, Aamir Qureshi, in his latest play ‘Ranjha & Juliet’, which was KB Thespians Presentation’s third production.Read More »Western love saga hits stage with a Punjabi twist

A tribute to the real heroes of Pakistan

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Kamal Siddiqi

These are gloomy times for Pakistan with many doubting what the future holds for us. Thousands have decided to leave for greener pastures owing to the uncertainty and lawlessness that we see around us. They have their reasons. Many saw hope in the selected government of President Musharraf and were disappointed most of all with the deals he ended up making to stay in power. Others are disgusted with the politicians, who have squandered opportunities time and again.Read More »A tribute to the real heroes of Pakistan

Awards for scientists from OIC states

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Organisation of Islamic Conference Standing Committee on Science & Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) has announced the institution of awards for outstanding nationals of the OIC member states in the field of science and technology.

Applications for COMSTECH Awards have been invited from the scientists of the OIC region under four categories, including COMSTECH Young Scientist Award, Best Scientific Book Award, Best Research Paper Award, and Award for Patent. Read More »Awards for scientists from OIC states

Scientists use fruit fly to screen for brain cancers

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Researchers have turned the fruit fly into a lab model for an innovative study of gliomas, the commonest of malignant brain tumours, since the insect shares most of the genes with humans.

“Gliomas are a devastating disease but we still know very little about the underlying disease process,” explained John B. Thomas, professor in the molecular neurobiology lab of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and senior co-author of the study. “We can now use the power of Drosophila genetics to uncover genes that drive these tumours and identify novel therapeutic targets, which will speed up the development of effective drugs.” Read More »Scientists use fruit fly to screen for brain cancers