February 2009

Coffee can slash stroke risk in women

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Just two to three cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of a stroke by almost 20 per cent.

A study of 83,000 women over a 24-year period showed coffee lovers were much less likely to suffer a clot on the brain.

The finding came as a surprise to scientists who had set out to investigate reports that coffee increased the risk of a stroke.

Although the study was carried out in women, it is thought any benefits would also apply to men. Read More »Coffee can slash stroke risk in women

Pakistan Higher Education Commission launches online system for degrees’ attestation

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to facilitate the general public, universities, institutions of higher learning and embassies in Pakistan through the online reservation system for the attestation of degrees of Pakistani students.

The decision has been taken keeping in view the hyper increase in degree attestation demand. “The HEC has introduced the most modern online system for degree attestation keeping in view the demands of the masses for the purpose. Now whoever comes to get his degrees attested from the HEC will be facilitated with the most sophisticated IT system,” the HEC said in a statement.Read More »Pakistan Higher Education Commission launches online system for degrees’ attestation

LAHORE: Now you can pay electricity bill by phone

By Jawwad Rizvi
THE Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) will introduce a new service offering payment of bills through phone.

The News has learnt any customer can avail this service free of cost but an account in a commercial bank or a debit/credit card is needed to use this service. Currently a company was working on implementation of the project and it would take three more months to launch the new service.
Read More »LAHORE: Now you can pay electricity bill by phone

Pakistan expats may soon get voting rights

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By Shahid Hussain, Correspondent
Islamabad: Pakistan’s election commission has initiated steps to evolve a mechanism to enable millions of nationals living abroad to vote in elections in thier homeland.

Chief Election Commissioner Qazi Muhammad Farooq has constituted a special committee for the purpose, which is headed by the secretary of the election commission Kunwar Dilshad. Read More »Pakistan expats may soon get voting rights

The sky is falling, the fish are colliding! —Mahmud Sipra

Given that both are state-of-the art vessels, equipped with the most sophisticated communication gear, it seems incomprehensible how these two nuclear-powered subs, bristling with ballistic missiles, could “run into each other”

It is said: What goes up, must one day come down.

Satellites launched some forty years ago into space, having outlived their utility, are now dropping out of the sky onto Earth in fiery fragments of molten metal.Read More »The sky is falling, the fish are colliding! —Mahmud Sipra

The advancing enemy —Dr Manzur Ejaz

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Rulers averse to an independent judiciary and an equitable socio-economic order; an economic upper class hostile to paying its fair share in taxes; self-obsessed intellectuals and media persons; and a poverty-stricken population — this presents the perfect mix for the forces of destruction

Our ruling elites kept crying ‘Wolf!’ for decades to scare the West into supporting their tenures. And now, as the NWFP government prepares to promulgate sharia law in Swat and Malakand, the proverbial wolf has finally arrived. President Zardari’s statement regarding Taliban designs to take over Pakistan should have read: “The Taliban have already captured parts of Pakistan and they are on their way to grab the rest.”Read More »The advancing enemy —Dr Manzur Ejaz

One year after the democracy took over in Pakistan

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Ishrat Hyatt

Today marks one year since the ‘free and fair’ elections were held in Pakistan and saw the coming in of what is called ‘democracy’ — which in this country means the rule of the rich and mighty over the poor and ignorant, who have no concept of what true democracy is and vote emotionally.

Despite being fooled again and again by promises which never materialise and slogans that raise hopes which are soon dashed to the ground, the masses vote for the political nominees they perceive as their saviours. They have unrealistic ideas of what political parties can do for their well being or achieve for the prosperity of the country and are disappointed when neither takes place almost as soon as the elections are over and their candidates are ensconced in the corridors of power.Read More »One year after the democracy took over in Pakistan

Pakistani rulers: erratic, fearful and full of deceit

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Shireen M Mazari

Just when one was about to commend the President for finally seeing the light in terms of agreeing to the NWFP government signing a deal with the TNSM for peace in Swat, we witnessed the usual backtracking from the Presidency, if Ms Rehman the official propagandist is to be believed. That, in turn, led to the ANP government being pushed into a state of confusion over what exactly it had signed on to in the agreement it made in front of representatives of all the major political parties – barring the JI which refused to attend. This has marked all the negotiations and agreements made to end militancy and violence earlier also – not just in Swat but also in FATA where US drones always put paid to any peace through negotiations.
Read More »Pakistani rulers: erratic, fearful and full of deceit