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2009-Dr Farrukh Saleem

2009 is going to be about four things: the Af-Pak War Theater, Global Financial Crisis, a resurging Russian Bear coming out of its 20-year hibernation and NATO Supply Routes. The Obama Administration, having brewed up Af-Pak or Afghanistan-Pakistan as the single theatre of war, is no longer using the ‘war […]

Cool head means calm heart

Young adults who keep a cool head under stress may be less likely to develop high blood pressure as they age, according to a recent study. A study of 4,000 young adults showed that those who stressed out the least while playing a difficult video game and taking other tests […]

Stroke risk linked with fast food

People who live in neighborhoods packed with fast-food restaurants are more likely to suffer strokes, US researchers said. They said residents of one Texas county who lived in neighborhoods with the highest number of fast-food restaurants had a 13 per cent higher risk of experiencing a stroke than those in […]