Daily Archives: February 13, 2009

Betting on failure-By Cyril Almeida

WITH Holbrooke pottering around the neighbourhood, the Afpak policy under review and the Obama administration flagging the Pak-Afghan border as ground zero in the fight against militancy, change seems to be in the air. What hasn’t changed though is that the US expects to end its Afghan adventure on a […]

Fatima Bhutto fears prosecution 1

LONDON, Feb 12: Fatima Bhutto, niece of the slain former premier Benazir Bhutto, fears that she could be liable for prosecution for her writings criticising the government, under the ‘prevention of electronic crimes ordinance’ introduced in the shape of a bill before the parliament recently. Writing in the Guardian on […]

Eating fish helps maintain heart rhythm: study

Associated Press of Pakistan Consumption of fish appears to have a beneficial effect on the electrical system of the heart, which prevents life-threatening heart rhythm disorders. Previous reports have linked fish intake with a reduced risk of sudden death and irregular heartbeats, but the mechanisms responsible for this association were […]

Doctors looking for ‘broken heart’ syndrome

Associated Press of Pakistan Extreme stress can trigger what seems to be a heart attack, but is really something known as broken heart syndrome. Unlike conventional heart attacks stemming from blocked arteries, broken heart syndrome, or stress cardiomyopathy, is caused by an extended surge in adrenaline, such as after a […]