February 2009

ISLAMABAD: Sharif brothers declared ineligible, what next?

Reported by The News and all national as well as international media.

The three-member Bench of Supreme Court has disposed off Sharif brothers’ electoral eligibility case by declaring them ineligible for contesting elections in its two-line short order announced here.

Shahbaz Sharif under this verdict has lost his seat in the provincial assembly and being no longer member of the Punjab House, he is no more Punjab chief minister, as SC has annulled the earlier notification about his being chief minister.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Sharif brothers declared ineligible, what next?

Dr Atta-ur-Rehman wants more funds for education in Pakistan

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Says 300 scholars have returned to serve universities better

HYDERABAD: Former chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rehman has said solution to many problems of Pakistan lies in development of education and allocating maximum funds for this sector.

He was speaking as chief guest at the inauguration of the three-day 29th Congress of Zoology International organised by the Department of Zoology, University of Sindh, on Tuesday. Scholars and zoologists from the universities of Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh are attending the congress. Read More »Dr Atta-ur-Rehman wants more funds for education in Pakistan

How much sovereignty has Pakistan conceded?

Shireen M Mazari
It certainly did not take Holbrooke long to reveal his arrogant ignorance about Pakistan. Hysterical over the Swat agreement – clearly it undermines the US efforts to expand the destabilisation of Pakistan and thereby seek a rationale for sending troops into Pakistan and eventually targeting the country’s nuclear assets – he made some absolutely absurd remarks. First he chose to declare the 9/11 perpetrators as being similar to the Swat militants and to the groups of militants in FATA. Only his arrogance would push him into displaying such ignorance since we all know that the perpetrators of 9/11 were well-off Saudis educated in Western institutions (not madrassahs) and living in the West. Unlike them, the Swat militants are a motley group comprising various shades of Pakistanis, primarily madrassah educated and certainly not from the financial elite of the country. As for FATA, the militants comprise several groups ranging from Al-Qaeda offshoots, religious zealots, Afghan Taliban, Pakistan Taliban, local groups and criminal elements. But for Holbrooke it would appear these crucial differences are irrelevant and all that is relevant is the religious identity! Talk about bigotry and prejudice. As for his understanding of the security situation in the NWFP, it was defined in terms of people not “being able to walk their dogs!” Now how many ordinary citizens of Pakistan actually keep dogs as pets and walk them every evening a la New York style? And this is the best Obama could muster as a Special Envoy!Read More »How much sovereignty has Pakistan conceded?

Warning signs of stroke

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Most people do not know the five warning signs of a stroke and what to do if they suspect one — especially those most likely to suffer one, according to new research.

Older people and those who’ve already had a stroke were among the groups found to be least able to recognise the symptoms of a stroke and know to immediately call emergency service.Read More »Warning signs of stroke

The spy factory-Anjum Niaz

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By now you must know that 70 American military “advisers and technical specialists” are on the ground secretly training the Pakistan Army to kill Al-Qaeda and Taliban. The CIA has already sniffed out 60 militants and told our Air Force to snuff them out. That done, now Richard Holbrooke wants COAS General Kayani to finish off Baitullah Mehsud and Maulana Fazlullah.Read More »The spy factory-Anjum Niaz

Bracing for future disasters —Syed Mohammad Ali

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The formulation of management entities or plans is just not enough to lessen the risk of disasters. Like with so many other issues, it is effective implementation of these plans that remains the thorny issue

While disasters are inevitable, death and suffering from them is not. Humans can take varied action to help lessen the risks associated with disasters. Disaster risk reduction is a term used for lessening and preventing the effects of a disaster.Read More »Bracing for future disasters —Syed Mohammad Ali