January 2009

Meeting the grim challenge of climate change-Ahmad Rafay Alam

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rafay-alam1Hamidullah Jan Afridi, Pakistan’s Environment Minister, has spearheaded the campaign to make 2009 the National Year of the Environment. This initiative is the need of the day. Last week, addressing the IUCN’s Regional Conference on Climate Change, even the Prime Minister stated that climate change was one of his government’s top priorities.
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Husbands are not happy too

Zafar Alam Sarwar

Being a member of society dedicated to social welfare of all human beings is a matter of pride. More so, when such a member is determined to safeguard the socio-economic interests of the state he lives in, and is ever ready —intellectually and physically — to defend its borders even at the cost of his life. I’m one such citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But I’m not alone. Millions, who think alike, are on my side with the will to fight for the integrity of the country and engage in national build-up.Read More »Husbands are not happy too

Anaemia — some basics

Dr Ghulam Siddique

Anemia is characterized by reduction in hemoglobin and-red cells which impairs oxygen delivery to the tissues. Adults are considered anemic if there hemoglobin is less than 13.5g/dL in males or less than 12g/dL in females.

It is important to know the basic function of bone marrow which is responsible for blood formation (hematopoeisis or hemopoeisis). Read More »Anaemia — some basics

ISLAMABAD: HESCO signs first wind project with Turkish firm

By Ijaz Kakakhel

An agreement for wind power generation worth $130 million is signed between Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation (HESCO) and Turkish company Zorlu Enerji.

Both the companies signed the energy purchase agreement for purchase of 6MW electricity generated at the company’s facility in Jhimpir. The project would bring $130 million investment and by December 2009, it would generate 50MW power. Murat Sungar Bursa, President Zorlu Enerji, and Karim Buksh Qureshi, CEO HESCO signed the agreement. Read More »ISLAMABAD: HESCO signs first wind project with Turkish firm

The Durrani affair —Khalid Hasan

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khalidhassanPakistan is a parliamentary democracy, but who holds the levers of power? Unless this dichotomy is worked out, other Durranis will continue to be used as pawns in a power game that has to come to an end

The Durrani affair is another bizarre reminder that our government is still fumbling. What we have is a grouping of what has come to be known by the ugly and insulting term “stakeholders”, who pull the wagon to which they are hitched in different directions. Sometimes the tug-of-war fails to move the wagon from the spot in which it is parked; at other times, it gets tugged in the desired direction, but not for long.Read More »The Durrani affair —Khalid Hasan

No time for bickering —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

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askariThough top PMLN and PPP leaders have shown restraint in mutual criticism, their second tier leaders have regularly traded charges and counter-charges in the Punjab. Both parties have senior leaders who make no secret of their contempt for each other

Pakistan’s political history shows that while its political leaders undergo hardships to replace military rule with democracy, they falter in sustaining the democratic process by fighting among themselves. Are the current political rumblings in Pakistan and efforts for political realignments indicating a new drift towards uncertainty, if not chaos?Read More »No time for bickering —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

Cholesterol levels may not measure cardiac risk

Nearly three-quarters of patients hospitalised for heart attacks had cholesterol levels indicating they were not at high risk for cardiovascular trouble, a new, nationwide study shows.

The finding points to the possibility that current guidelines on cholesterol levels should be changed, said study author Dr Gregg C Fonarow, a professor of cardiovascular medicine and science at the University of California, Los Angeles. His report appears in the current issue of the American Heart Journal.Read More »Cholesterol levels may not measure cardiac risk

Gaza in America —Rafia Zakaria

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rafiazakriaSince current Israeli policy has reflected the philosophies of the Bush Administration, it only follows that the change in philosophy marked by the incoming Obama Administration will mark less tolerance for such policies

On January 11, 2008, the both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives passed resolutions declaring their strong support for Israel and its right to defend itself. The two non-binding resolutions were exceptionally similar in their language expressing “vigorous support and unwavering commitment to Israel”. The Congressional resolution went on to “condemn Hamas for deliberately embedding its fighters, leaders, and weapons in private homes, schools, mosques, hospitals, and otherwise using Palestinian civilians as human shields, while simultaneously targeting Israeli civilians.”Read More »Gaza in America —Rafia Zakaria

Terrorism begs new laws —Shaukat Qadir

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shaukatInterestingly, it was debated at the UN whether the International Criminal Court should be empowered to try international terrorists, which is actually the only genuinely workable solution to an international problem. The only reason a decision could not be reached was because members could not agree on a definition for terrorism!

For quite some time, eminent jurists have been arguing for new laws to deal with international terrorism. Perhaps it is time to attempt to understand why.Read More »Terrorism begs new laws —Shaukat Qadir