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January 2009

Many Japanese universities offering courses in English

HYDERABAD: Consul General of Japan Akinori Wada met Sindh University Jamshoro Vice Chancellor Mazharul Haq Siddiqui on Thursday morning, telling him that in Japan many universities were offering courses in English language.

He said the Japanese government was launching a study programme for foreign students and also a studentsí exchange programme. The purpose of his visit, he said, was to meet the students and share views about students programme in Japanese universities.Read More »Many Japanese universities offering courses in English

Pakistani real estate unaffected by global recession

By Faryal Najeeb

KARACHI: The local real estate market remains untouched by the global recession, which shows no sign of easing and in fact has further threatened the world economy, because Pakistan does not practice house-building loans.

An expert in the housing and construction industry commented that the whole world, especially the west and UAE, was badly affected after the real estate sector collapsed. Read More »Pakistani real estate unaffected by global recession

ISLAMABAD: Hassan Abdal expressway to be linked with Gwadar

By Bakhtawar Mian



The government is planning to link the Hassan Abdal-Mansehra Expressway with Gwadar and also with China and Central Asian republics at a cost of Rs20 billion to boost economic activities in the region.

The Asian Development Bank will provide Rs18 billion for the project while the government would provide Rs2 billion for land acquisition, communications ministry spokesman Javed Chaudhary told Dawn on Wednesday. Read More »ISLAMABAD: Hassan Abdal expressway to be linked with Gwadar

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan rupee likely to depreciate against dollar

By Sajid Chaudhry

Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Salim Raza, hinted further depreciation of the rupee by Rs 2 to Rs 3 against US dollar after burden of financing furnace oil import would be shifted on the interbank market.

However, he hoped this would only be a short-lived depreciation and rupee would come back to Rs 79 to Rs 80 per dollar. Read More »ISLAMABAD: Pakistan rupee likely to depreciate against dollar

Taliban Country —Mahmud Sipra

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mahmudsipraEvery forest today is infested with the Taliban who are equipped with the most modern weaponry and a brutal extremist agenda to terrorise its people. Everyday brings in more of these marauders from the hills and the mountain passes. This valley is under siege

One often hears politicians of
every stripe nauseatingly proclaim every time they are near a microphone or a television camera how “every inch of Pakistan’s sovereign territory will be defended with every ounce of our blood.”Read More »Taliban Country —Mahmud Sipra

War-gaming nuclear Armageddon-Ikram Sehgal

Given extraordinary access by the hierarchy of the Pakistan Army, Stephen Cohen advised India in formulating a comprehensive strategy to destroy the Pakistan Armed Forces. His ‘A Short Cross-Border Punishing Raid in response to a terrorist act’ was based on excellent ‘research’. This envisaged changing the Indian mindset of capturing bits of Pakistan territory in small scale multiple offensives as bargaining chips after the cease fire to the Cold Start strategy tasking the Indian Armed Forces to synergise operations “in destroying the Pakistan military machine which enslaves Pakistan, impedes democracy in Pakistan and indulges in military adventurism against India, including proxy wars and terrorism, while sparing collateral damage to Pakistani civilians”.Read More »War-gaming nuclear Armageddon-Ikram Sehgal

Back to the future-Dr Maleeha Lodhi

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In his initial days in office President Barack Obama has signalled a fresh start to America’s engagement with the world, pledging to temper power by “humility and restraint” and place greater emphasis on diplomacy to secure its goals. Will this promise translate into a new approach towards relations between the US and Pakistan?Read More »Back to the future-Dr Maleeha Lodhi