January 2009

2008: Pakistan economic events

January In the aftermath of Bhutto’s death

Following a three-day shut-down, the benchmark index, the KSE100 index, of the Karachi Stock Exchange fell 4.7 percent. The rupee fell to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar since October 2001. The stock exchange has a history of recovering after political unrest. The Pakistan Railways suffered losses of PKR 12.3 billion as a direct result of riots following the assassination. 63 railway stations, 149 bogies, and 29 locomotives were damaged within two days of Bhutto’s death. In the first four days after the assassination, Karachi suffered losses of $1 billion. By the fifth day, the cost of country wide violence amounted to 8% of the GDP.   Read More »2008: Pakistan economic events

State of the Pakistan economy: on the edge of precipice

Government’s real challenges are reducing fiscal and current account
deficit and increasing tax-to-GDP ratio
By M. Sharif

The year 2008 has passed into history leaving behind visible scars on the national economy, and the economies of the developed and emerging world. A cursory look at macroeconomic indicators of the country clearly indicates that gains made during the past seven years were lost during the year under reference. How, and why, all this happened and what will be its spill-over effects during 2009? These are some of the important questions that economists, financial analysts and managers of national economy will have to live with for taking corrective measures. The global financial crisis also took place during 2008 and has raised many Read More »State of the Pakistan economy: on the edge of precipice

Fat, pure fat – Dr Farrukh Saleem

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The government of Pakistan is fat, so fat that all the excess body fat has now put Pakistan’s cardiovascular health in extreme danger. All that accumulated fat has attracted diabetes, osteoarthritis and may be even cancer. So fat, that the airway is obstructed, breathing interrupted. Neither exercise nor dietary control is the solution. The Government of Pakistan cannot do without surgery, Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery). Read More »Fat, pure fat – Dr Farrukh Saleem

Grape seed extract effective against leukemia

University of Kentucky researchers have found that grape seed extract can effectively kill leukemia cancer cells, according to Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Leukemia — which literally means ‘white blood’ in Greek – is a group of cancerous disorders of blood forming tissues that occurs when there is an excess of abnormal white blood cells in the blood. Read More »Grape seed extract effective against leukemia