January 2009

Japan racing to develop electric cars

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Zero-emission vehicles not to be a novel concept for long

TOKYO: “Please erase your image of electric cars being like golf carts,” a spokesman for Japan’s fourth-biggest automaker said before taking a zero-emission vehicle out for a spin.

As mass-produced electric cars come closer to reality, their makers are trying to polish the image of what experts say could be a hard sell in the current recession. Read More »Japan racing to develop electric cars

Punjab Government plans to carve a new district from Lahore

By Amjad Warraich

LAHORE: The Punjab government plans to create a ‘Ravi district’ from the existing districts of Lahore and Sheikhupura, Daily Times learnt on Monday. According to Punjab Civil Secretariat and Board of Revenue sources, the Ravi district will consist of Shahdara area of Lahore district and Ferozwala tehsil, while some adjacent parts of Muridke and Sharaqpur tehsil will also be included. Read More »Punjab Government plans to carve a new district from Lahore

Why I miss Musharraf- Part I

Salman K Chima

When General Musharraf seized power, I was not among those who welcomed him – although with Justice Tarrar as the President and Shariat Amendment Bill to the Constitution awaiting approval by the Senate, Pakistan was on the verge of being a theocratic state. Why did I oppose Musharraf? Because, his rule was undemocratic and unconstitutional.
Read More »Why I miss Musharraf- Part I

People living under high tension lines risk cancer

By Perwez Abdullah


Thousands of people in Karachi live under High Tension Lines (HTL’s) unmindful of the danger this poses to their health, a senior researcher at the University of Karachi has said. In Defence Housing Authority, one of the city’s most upmarket localities, not only are houses constructed under HTLs but there is an entire row of marraige halls as well as a recreational club, The News has learnt. Read More »People living under high tension lines risk cancer

ISLAMABAD: Cracks appear in PPP

By Tariq Butt

A “mini revolt” brewing in the PPP for months has started bursting out as a deeply frustrated couple — Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan — has launched a well-orchestrated attack on the leadership with several party leaders sharing their stand but falling short of coming out in the open.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Cracks appear in PPP

Goodbye Walton? Ahmad Rafay Alam

rafay-alamThis summer I was the lucky recipient of a very special birthday gift: a charter flight over Lahore. I recommend the experience to everyone, more so now, given the tale that is to tell.

While approaching the Walton Airport runway – Walton is Lahore’s original airstrip and is the home of the erstwhile Lahore Flying Club (est. 1930) – and about where our tiny single-propeller Cessna, the Suzuki Alto of the air, crossed Ferozepur Road, I noticed a very large ditch almost directly under the flight path.
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Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) winds up coordinating unit for lack of funds

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Higher Education Commission (HEC) has closed down a wing, meant for looking after projects that were to be implemented with the help of foreign support, owing to unavailability of funds, an official in the Commission said here Sunday.

The Federal Coordinating Unit, headed by Javed Masood, was established at HEC to supervise efforts for speedy completion of the projects regarding the setting up of engineering universities with the support of foreign countries including Germany, China, Italy and Austria.Read More »Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) winds up coordinating unit for lack of funds