Daily Archives: January 27, 2009

Physical inactivity causes frequent headaches

Associated Press of Pakistan ISLAMABAD: People who are sedentary have a higher risk of developing frequent headaches. Researchers from Norway conducted two large surveys. The first survey questioned 22,397 adults’ 20 years about their exercise habits and other health factors, and then assessed headache symptoms in a follow-up questionnaire 11 […]

Losing Swat —Ayeda Naqvi

Recently in Mingora — again during curfew — five girls’ schools were blown up in five hours, one each hour. The army did nothing to stop the militants. This is the same army that expects aid from the international community The first word in the Holy Quran is “Iqra”, which […]

Short, medium and long-term solutions to Pakistan’s energy issues

The ongoing experience of shortage of electricity and high cost of production has fully demonstrated that without cheap electricity and energy resources, sustaining a population of 170 million (growing at the rate of around 2/2.5 annually) and trying to achieve high and sustainable economic growth of 7 per cent to […]

How the ear protects your hearing

Call it a natural earplug: Your ears appear to be able to automatically turn down certain frequencies to protect your hearing, and a new study provides more details about how this mysterious process works. Although it’s too early to know for sure, the research could lead to drugs that protect […]