January 26, 2009

Higher education crisis in Pakistan

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By Dr Tariq Rahman

 PAKISTAN inherited a colonial university system created by the British. The cardinal features of this system were that it was under-financed, bureaucratic, mediocre and teaching- (rather than research-) oriented.

The best graduates entered the colonial bureaucracy and the rest took up teaching. The colleges received the worst. The universities, though not much better, did have a couple of good scholars and scientists who were attracted to the job in spite of the system and not because of it.Read More »Higher education crisis in Pakistan

Reduced pollution increases life expectancy: study

Reducing pollution produces measurable health gains, according to a study released Wednesday that found cleaner air had lengthened life expectancy by five months in 51 US cities. Researchers at Brigham Young University and Harvard School of Public Health found that average life expectancy increased by three years between 1980 and 2000 in those cities, and that approximately five months of that gain owed to cleaner air. Read More »Reduced pollution increases life expectancy: study