Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

What Miliband said —Shaukat Qadir

One can only hope that Miliband’s words have not gone unheard in the new US administration. The significance of his words is that terrorism, though unjustifiable, is a product of injustice within and between nation-states and/or peoples of the world British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s comments during his recent visit […]

For a new Pakistan 1

Masood Sharif Khan Khattak The Westminster model of parliamentary democracy has been a dismal failure in Pakistan because of the frequent martial laws and the blatant manipulation of the Constitution. For Pakistan to become a viable state it will have to restructure its political system. Devolution of effective political power […]

Friends of Pakistan demand seats in parliament for Overseas Pakistanis 1

 Friends of Pakistan (FoP), a representative organisation of about 10 million overseas Pakistanis planning investment in the country, has demanded allocation of seats in parliament and the senate. The demand was made at a telephonic conference addressed by FoP Founder Chairman Sarfraz Khan and Country Coordinator Abdullah Butt at the […]