January 20, 2009

Pakistan Politics: An open declaration of war

By Mohammad Malick

Oh what a session, it’s been a while since I was last confronted with the difficult choice of where to start. Do I begin by the irony of a cancer stricken Syed Allaudin forcing the house to discuss the equally lethal suffering of the living-dead of Swat? Or do I start with the war between Nawaz Sharif and President Asif Zardari finally being made official by the leader of the opposition? Or should my opening question be why Rehman Malik while being present in the House did not speak on the Swat issue and instead passed the buck to government’s perpetual fall guy (or person) Sherry Rehman? Or should my first words deal with the last ones of Muneer Aurakzai, who shredded the government claim of meaningful actions by the much trumpeted and officially celebrated House Committee on national security? Read More »Pakistan Politics: An open declaration of war

Used car sales in Pakistan up on higher prices of new cars

By Moonis Ahmed

KARACHI: In the wake of ever increasing prices of new cars, the sale of used cars has seen a substantial increase pushing their prices up by 10 to 15 percent, dealers told Daily Times on Monday.

“The used cars sales have almost increased by 20 to 25 percent during last six months,” market dealers informed. Because of high interest rates and strict financing conditions from the banks, a major decline in the sale of new cars was witnessed during 2008. On the contrary some leading carmakers have recently raised the prices of their vehicles despite decline in the sales during July-December.Read More »Used car sales in Pakistan up on higher prices of new cars