Daily Archives: January 19, 2009

The long view-By Ahmad Faruqui

THERE is an abundance of dire predictions about the future of Pakistan and a dearth of rosy ones. The latest dystopia comes from the US Joint Forces Command. Its Joint Operating Environment report was issued just as the Mumbai attacks were unfolding, which means that the negative effects on Pakistan’s […]

The future of tribalism-By Nasser Yousaf

HISTORY has not really been kind to the tribesmen of the NWFP: it dubbed them as clever robbers and as deft and brutal assassins. The chroniclers did not discriminate but generalised. They simply wrote off, say, the Afridis as evil and the Shinwari, Wazir and Mehsud as capable of inflicting […]

Husbands are not happy too

Zafar Alam Sarwar Being a member of society dedicated to social welfare of all human beings is a matter of pride. More so, when such a member is determined to safeguard the socio-economic interests of the state he lives in, and is ever ready —intellectually and physically — to defend […]

Anaemia — some basics

Dr Ghulam Siddique Anemia is characterized by reduction in hemoglobin and-red cells which impairs oxygen delivery to the tissues. Adults are considered anemic if there hemoglobin is less than 13.5g/dL in males or less than 12g/dL in females. It is important to know the basic function of bone marrow which […]