January 12, 2009

Toyota unveiling electric car in Detroit

DETROIT: Toyota Motor Corp. said Saturday it is confirming plans to have an all-electric vehicle on U.S. roads by 2012 by introducing an ultra-compact battery-powered concept car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Toyota calls the FT-EV, based on the ultra-compact iQ model on sale in Japan, an “urban dweller” with a range of 50 miles. Although there’s no guarantee it will go into production in its current form, it illustrates the company’s product strategies.
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Lahore – a big parking stand

Jamaluddin Jamali

LAHORE: About 80 percent of service roads in the provincial capital are being illegally used for parking by traders, shop keepers and general public due to the negligence of the departments concerned.

All this is happening under the nose of City District Government Lahore (CDGL), Lahore Development Authority (LDA), town municipal administrations (TMAs) and Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) but no action is being taken against the illegal practice.
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Climate warming means food shortages, study warns

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climatewarmThe warming climate is likely to put stress on crops and livestock alike and could cause serious food shortages for half the world’s population, US researchers predicted.

The worst effects will be in the regions where the poorest people already live — the tropics and subtropics, the researchers wrote in the journal Science. But temperate regions will see very warm average temperatures, they added. Read More »Climate warming means food shortages, study warns

Gene clue explains major source of epileptic fits

Tiny variations in a key gene on Chromosome 15 may help explain a common form of epilepsy, according to a paper published online on Sunday by the journal Nature Genetics.

As many as a third of all epileptic fits are called “idiopathic generalised epilepsy,” or IGE, meaning that the genetic causes for them are unknown but likely to be highly complex. Previous research has narrowed investigations into IGEs to a region on Chromosome 15.Read More »Gene clue explains major source of epileptic fits

How to avoide electrical fire

By Maj (r) Muhammad Ali

Lahore: A short circuit is an abnormally low resistance circuit, allowing massive current flow, which overheats the electric wire. It is assumed to cause electrical fires. This assumption, however, is incorrect. An electrical circuit consists of a power source, a rotection device like a fuse and circuit breaker, wiring and load.
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Why Pakistani governments fail? Dr Farzana Bari

The failure of another government is in the making. The present government has shown no ability to manage the serious domestic problems, of growing militancy, fading economy, deteriorating law and order, social unrest caused by inflation, unemployment, non-availability of essential food and utility items and the political turmoil in Balochistan.
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Fiddling while Rome burns-Ahmad Rafay Alam

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rafay-alamLast October, the Chairman of the Chief Minister’s Task Force for Horticulture (yes, really) announced that Rs. 100 million was to be spent on “beautifying” Lahore. Along the Mall, right opposite the main gate of the Gymkhana Club, this money has been put to use setting up a water feature and a row of Ionic columns. On another corner of the Club, a bit of landscaping under the auspices of the previous government is also being replaced. But this time with the facades of Ionic columns!
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Why I miss Musharraf-Part II

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By Salman K Chima

Coming then to the next point, accountability: Here the General’s performance was disappointing. The National Reconciliation Ordinance is a grotesque law. It is indeed difficult to find any redeeming feature in the NRO. However, attention must be drawn to the fact that the protection offered by the NRO extends only up to October 12, 1999. The General did not seek to protect his own acts. Also, may one ask, have the people of Pakistan done any better by electing the very politicians who are the primary beneficiaries of the law. Why blame Musharraf?Read More »Why I miss Musharraf-Part II

Biden played key-role in Musharraf’s uniform doffing: Gilani

KARACHI: Prime Minister, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that the US drone attacks in Fata was not permitted and hoped that with the change in leadership in US, the policy also might change.

Talking to media on the sidelines of the handing over of logistic ship to Pakistan Navy at Karachi Shipyard here, PM said that Joe Biden has been pro-Pakistan and he had played a key-role in the restoration of democracy in Pakistan besides doffing off the uniform of former President Musharraf and added this was not done by us or any other party.Read More »Biden played key-role in Musharraf’s uniform doffing: Gilani