January 11, 2009

Abdominal fat can really damage your health

ISLAMABAD: Beware of abdominal fat; it not only impacts your weight but can also damage your health.

Some of the abdominal fat is located in the fatty tissue just beneath the skin. This subcutaneous fat behaves like the fat elsewhere in the body; it’s no friend to health, but it’s no special threat either. However, belly or visceral fat, which is located around the internal organs, can damage your health.
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WHO urges cutting salt from food

Associated Press of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Cardiovascular disease is a growing problem in developing nations and it accounts for much sickness and death in developed countries.

Government actions to cut salt in processed foods, as well as other measures to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, could cut the global rate of cardiovascular disease by up to 50%, according to UN health officials, Health News reported. Researchers with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that public-education campaigns and legislation to lower the salt content of processed foods, along with individuals’ own efforts to cut their blood pressure and cholesterol, could help prevent heart disease and stroke in all regions of the world. Read More »WHO urges cutting salt from food

ISLAMABAD: The Hot Spot opens outlet in Saidpur

  • hotspotOwner says he is dedicated to promote film signboard making art
    * Lashari says Art and Craft Village best place for cultural activities

    By Mahtab Bashir

    The Hot Spot (THS) Café and Grill on Saturday opened its third outlet in the capital at Saidpur that has been declared Art and Craft Village.

    A large number of diplomats, politicians, bureaucrats, students, and art lovers attended THS launch ceremony. THS is now a familiar name in Islamabad. Read More »ISLAMABAD: The Hot Spot opens outlet in Saidpur

Full protocol to Musharraf on US visit

* Former president says only way out of Mumbai attacks mystery is joint probe

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf will be provided full protocol by the US State Department during his visit to America.

The former president is visiting the US to deliver a number of lectures at the University of Pittsburgh, Stanford University and at the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan.Read More »Full protocol to Musharraf on US visit

Garlic as a cancer fighter? Maybe not

Since ancient times, eating garlic has been credited with many medical benefits, including fighting viruses, bacteria and cancer as well as lowering cholesterol.

But a new review finds that the evidence linking garlic to a reduced risk for many cancers is not creditable and, for others, it is very limited.

“The public wants to believe that garlic may be effective in reducing the risk of cancer, but so far scientific evidence is limited to conclude (it works) for all types of cancers,” said Dr. Oran Kwon, a researcher at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea, and lead author of the study, published in the January issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.Read More »Garlic as a cancer fighter? Maybe not

Nag Valley identified for rare Houbara breeding

hubaraKARACHI: Wildlife conservationists have identified Nag Valley, Balochistan as the accurate place for breeding of threatened specie – the Houbara bustard. “It was the natural habitat for Houbara long ago and we are making efforts to bring the birds back in our wild,” said Brigadier Mukhtar Ahmed, president of Falcon Foundation International Pakistan and Houbara Foundation International Pakistan.

He was addressing the Conservation Awards Ceremony at the Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD). The event was arranged to appreciate the SWD officials, media people and wildlife conservationists, who are playing laudable role for the great cause. Read More »Nag Valley identified for rare Houbara breeding

The discovery of India by Indians

Aakar Patel
Amitabh Bachchan played many roles in which he was called the angry young man. But who was he angry with?

In Zanjeer (1972) it was gangsters and crime. In Deewar (1975 — Bachchan’s greatest year when he also acted in Chupke Chupke and in Sholay), it was against injustice. The true hero of Deewar is revealed to be not Amitabh, who dies a wealthy but lonely criminal, but his brother Shashi Kapoor, the police officer, who has no money but wins his mother’s approval.Read More »The discovery of India by Indians

India’s war of attrition-Dr Farrukh Saleem

26/11 was six weeks ago. The US and India are now using that tragedy as a tool to further their respective foreign policy objectives. Pakistan is divided like never before. There’s a rift between the President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. There’s a rift within the ruling party. There’s a rift between the two mainstream political parties. Pakistan divided is an open invitation to forces that are bent upon crippling Pakistani institutions.
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