January 10, 2009

ISI speaks up

THE head of the Inter-Services Intelligence appears to have said all the right things in a rather candid interview with a German magazine. What Gen Pasha divulged should come as music to anyone interested in democracy in Pakistan and peace in South Asia. His remarks showed a clear understanding of the issues involved. That he took his orders from the president; that terrorism was the real enemy; and that there should be no war in the region are the right noises that were made.Read More »ISI speaks up

State of nature —Rafia Zakaria

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rafiazakriaTrapped in a contradictory web of denial and self-hatred engendered by the country’s lapse into brute survivalism, Pakistanis lapse schizophrenically either into the heights of bravado or the depths of despair

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes describes man’s original state of nature as a state of complete conflict or anarchy. This state of nature is a point of existence prior to the social contract, prior to the construction of the state that imposes order and reduces conflict. Hobbes says: “that the state of men without civil society (the state of nature) is nothing but a war of all against all; and in that war, all have a right to all things.”
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A question of evidence —Shaukat Qadir

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shaukatLet the bench that tries those finally accused be a joint Indo-Pak bench, headed by the judge of the ICC. Let us show the world how a joint investigation and a joint trial can resolve international problems, rather than unprovoked and unauthenticated accusations

The Indian government has, finally, handed over the ‘evidence’ collected regarding the involvement of Pakistani personnel in the Mumbai attacks to Pakistan formally; and contends that it is sufficient for Pakistan to act upon it. It has further demanded that the individuals accused be handed over to India. Another spokesman has added that, like the rest of the world, India is now waiting to see whether Pakistan acts on it or not.Read More »A question of evidence —Shaukat Qadir

New developments in cancer treatment highlighted

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KARACHI: A seminar held at the Ziauddin University Hospital (ZUH), highlighted the latest developments in cancer treatment.

The seminar, ‘Current Developments in Management of Cancer’ had oncologists and researchers discussing the latest available treatments as well as those under study while it were revealed that cancer patients in Pakistan were diagnosed at the last stage, resulting in minimal chances of recovery.Read More »New developments in cancer treatment highlighted

Love potions could help soothe pains of romance

The Guardian newspaper on Friday said marriage counsellors could save themselves some effort while dealing with turbulent couples by administering them newly-discovered love potions that could revive fading passions, according to a leading scientist. “Greater understanding of the brain of love has revealed hormones that could be given to couples to rekindle faded passions or diminish problematic feelings,” the newspaper quoted Larry Young, who is an expert in the of social bonding at Emory University in Atlanta. Writing in the journal Nature, Young said scientists were close to reducing the mental state of love to a biochemical chain of events,Read More »Love potions could help soothe pains of romance

Highest honour for Pakistani Canadian

OTTAWA: A Canadian of Pakistani origin, Azhar Ali Khan, has been named to the Order of Canada by Governor General Michaelle Jean, according to an official announcement here.

Khan is a former president of the Ottawa Muslim Association and was given the award “for his contribution as a leader in Muslim ties between people of diverse backgrounds and faith.”
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