Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

Grape seed extract effective against leukemia

University of Kentucky researchers have found that grape seed extract can effectively kill leukemia cancer cells, according to Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Leukemia — which literally means ‘white blood’ in Greek – is a group of cancerous disorders of blood forming tissues […]

‘Pakistan’ in Indian state of Bihar

The aftermath of the Mumbai attacks and the tensions ensuing between India and Pakistan have spread anxiety among the people of the region, but the people living in a village named ‘Pakistan’ in Porniya district of the Indian state of Bihar do not want to change the name of their […]

Pakistan’s present and future war

Samson Simon Sharaf India has carried out a revaluation of its strategic options with Pakistan, and the coming years could witness an all-out strategy of coercion by it, a strategy so effectively applied by Israel in the Middle East. India’s biggest advantage in conceptual and technical military cooperation with Israel […]