January 3, 2009

Grape seed extract effective against leukemia

University of Kentucky researchers have found that grape seed extract can effectively kill leukemia cancer cells, according to Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Leukemia — which literally means ‘white blood’ in Greek – is a group of cancerous disorders of blood forming tissues that occurs when there is an excess of abnormal white blood cells in the blood. Read More »Grape seed extract effective against leukemia

Mysterious mist —Saleem H Ali

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saleemhaliAt the end of the day, human beings desire some modicum of certainty in their lives: they want to have some confidence that when they flip on a switch there will be light; when they decide to take an exam and plan their career, they will have it on time; when they go to a CNG station, they will be able to fuel upRead More »Mysterious mist —Saleem H Ali

‘Pakistan’ in Indian state of Bihar

The aftermath of the Mumbai attacks and the tensions ensuing between India and Pakistan have spread anxiety among the people of the region, but the people living in a village named ‘Pakistan’ in Porniya district of the Indian state of Bihar do not want to change the name of their village, BBC reported on Friday. According to BBC, the villagers did not want war between the two countries and Read More »‘Pakistan’ in Indian state of Bihar

Gene linked to high blood pressure discovered

Researchers have identified a gene variant that may make people more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Although the variant was found in members of the genetically homogeneous Old Order Amish community in Pennsylvania, it is carried by about one of every five white Americans, said Yen-Pei Christy Chang, assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology and preventive medicine at the University of Maryland. Chang is a leader of the research group reporting the new finding in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Read More »Gene linked to high blood pressure discovered

Pakistan’s present and future war

Samson Simon Sharaf

India has carried out a revaluation of its strategic options with Pakistan, and the coming years could witness an all-out strategy of coercion by it, a strategy so effectively applied by Israel in the Middle East. India’s biggest advantage in conceptual and technical military cooperation with Israel lies in the fact that its technology is largely indigenous and facilitates material transfer with no end-user problems. Pakistan is already engaged in a war of attrition and the future will be a serious test of its strategy of defiance and ability to ride out the crises as a cohesive nation state.
Read More »Pakistan’s present and future war