December 2008

Crisis of leadership in Pakistan-By Andleeb Abbas

AS the saying goes, ignorant are those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing — a true reflection of what is going on in the country.

We talk about saving, protecting and reforming the country; we put monetary estimates of $5bn to save us from bankruptcy and many more calculations of megawatts of energy and tax-to-GDP ratios to put us back on track, but are we again making the mistake of dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause of the disease?Read More »Crisis of leadership in Pakistan-By Andleeb Abbas

Epicentre of terror-By Zafar Iqbal

IT all started about 30 years ago when the Russians decided to occupy Afghanistan. President Carter offered some assistance to Gen Ziaul Haq. Without trying to be witty the general said the aid was peanuts and not acceptable.

Subsequently, with the change of regime in the US, a combination of Pakistanis and Saudi Arabians with substantial US assistance decided to help the Afghans get rid of the Russians.
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India deploys fighters, missiles, radars to protect Delhi

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Akhtar Jamal

Islamabad—An Indian move Sunday to deploy aircraft fighters, surface-to-air missiles and highly-sophisticated ‘Aerostat’ radars to protect New Delhi has alerted many defense observers here.

The Indian decision was apparently taken in view of alleged fears about aerial terrorist attacks but observers considered the progress in light of rising tension and fears of a surgical Indian attacks inside Pakistan. “It could be an Israeli-type deceptive plan before launching an attack on Pakistan” warned an expert closely watching the situation.Read More »India deploys fighters, missiles, radars to protect Delhi

Tick tock … tick — Extra second added to 2008

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WASHINGTON: Those eager to put 2008 behind them will have to hold their good-byes for just a moment this New Year’s Eve.

The world’s official timekeepers have added a ‘leap second’ to the last day of the year on Wednesday, to help match clocks to the Earth’s slowing spin on its axis, which takes place at ever-changing rates affected by tides and other factors. The US Naval Observatory, keeper of the Pentagon’s master clock, said it would add the extra second on Wednesday in co-ordination with the world’s atomic clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC). Read More »Tick tock … tick — Extra second added to 2008

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan likely to go back to Education Ministry

  • President, PM give go ahead
    * Amendments to HEC Ordinance in progress

    By Irfan Ghauri

    ISLAMABAD: The Education Ministry is likely to get back the administrative control of Higher Education Commission (HEC), it’s learnt.

    Currently, necessary amendments to the HEC Ordinance, 2002, which places the commission under the prime minister’s administrative control, are being made for the purpose, the Education Ministry sources told Daily Times on Sunday.Read More »Higher Education Commission of Pakistan likely to go back to Education Ministry

The India-Pakistan challenge —Munir Akram

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munirakramDespite Western media prognostication, there is no possibility of an extremist or jihadi government assuming office in Islamabad. Neither the Pakistani electorate nor the Pakistan Army would accept this

The India-Pakistan confrontation following the Mumbai attacks is the fourth such crisis in the last two decades. While India says it has provided enough evidence to Pakistan, Islamabad says what it has been given cannot be taken to a court of law for prosecution. Also, there is still no solid evidence that the Mumbai attacks were planned by a Pakistani group; or that the attackers were all Pakistanis. The audio recording of one of the attackers, available online, includes the use of Hindi words not in the Pakistani lexicon.Read More »The India-Pakistan challenge —Munir Akram

The strange case of Lahore’s Doongi ground

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rafay-alam1Ahmad Rafay Alam
In addressing the problems of the city of Lahore Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif commissioned several task forces to provide immediate solutions. So far this year, the task force on commercialisation has put an end to the LDA’s city-destroying practice of permitting commercial activity in residential areas. The task force on billboard advertising reform has had its recommendations put into practice and several hundred of those unsightly, unsafe and intrusive forms of graft revenue have been dismantled. This measure, in particular, should be appreciated as it indicates that there are urban forces at work in this city that do not measure success by profit alone. The city looks all the better for it as well.Read More »The strange case of Lahore’s Doongi ground

Sleep disorder signals neurological disease

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People with a disorder that causes them to kick or cry out during deep sleep are more likely to develop dementia or Parkinson’s disease, a new Canadian study suggests.

“It’s basically a disorder where you act out your dreams at night,” explained study author Dr Ronald B Postuma, of McGill University in Montreal. “When people who have RBD [REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder] dream they are in a fight, which is very common, they will make punching movements.”
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ISLAMABAD: PEW for setting up task force on E-crimes

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The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday claimed that the global financial turmoil has encouraged the “Internet underworld” that is engulfing the globe. “The development is enhancing the cost of doing business everywhere and creating new challenges for the already dull economies,” said President PEW Dr Murtaza Mughal while talking to journalists here.
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