Daily Archives: December 29, 2008

India deploys fighters, missiles, radars to protect Delhi

Akhtar Jamal Islamabad—An Indian move Sunday to deploy aircraft fighters, surface-to-air missiles and highly-sophisticated ‘Aerostat’ radars to protect New Delhi has alerted many defense observers here. The Indian decision was apparently taken in view of alleged fears about aerial terrorist attacks but observers considered the progress in light of rising […]

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan likely to go back to Education Ministry 2

President, PM give go ahead * Amendments to HEC Ordinance in progress By Irfan Ghauri ISLAMABAD: The Education Ministry is likely to get back the administrative control of Higher Education Commission (HEC), it’s learnt. Currently, necessary amendments to the HEC Ordinance, 2002, which places the commission under the prime minister’s […]

The India-Pakistan challenge —Munir Akram

Despite Western media prognostication, there is no possibility of an extremist or jihadi government assuming office in Islamabad. Neither the Pakistani electorate nor the Pakistan Army would accept this The India-Pakistan confrontation following the Mumbai attacks is the fourth such crisis in the last two decades. While India says it […]

New technology: 3G network

By Saima Moizuddin Having a mobile phone nowadays is one’s passport to the entire world. Modern day mobile technologies have taken wireless connectivity to a whole new level and now a mobile phone number is a universal identity.