December 26, 2008

US experts seek Musharraf’s opinion

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The policy experts from the Pakistan Policy Working Group, an independent bipartisan think-tank, met with Musharraf at the US embassy, according to the sources. The US experts, who are drawing policy lines related to Pakistan for the new administration, asked the former military ruler about his expert opinion over the current social, economic and political situation in South Asia.Read More »US experts seek Musharraf’s opinion

Pakistan troops move to Indian borders

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan troops were deployed on Thursday to protect vital points along the Line of Control in Kashmir and the international border with India, defence sources told Daily Times. Reports in Indian media said Pakistan moved its 10th Brigade to Lahore and ordered the 3rd Armoured Brigade to march towards Jhelum, following a heavy concentration of Indian troops on the borders. Pakistan’s 10th and 11th divisions have been put on high alert, Indian media said, and troops had been stationed in Rajouri and Poonch sectors of Kashmir. Read More »Pakistan troops move to Indian borders

Majority of Overseas Pakistanis still using hundi for money transfers

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Thursday said the overwhelming majority of Pakistani expatriates were still using hundi to transfer funds home bypassing the legal banking systems.

The trend is depriving the country of legitimate taxes as well as foreign exchange and the government should try to tap potential of three million overseas Pakistanis by introducing sweeping reforms in the existing banking system. Read More »Majority of Overseas Pakistanis still using hundi for money transfers

Investing in education-Dr Masooda Bano

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The Pakistani government needs to wake up to its responsibility of providing quality education for all, the 2009 UNESCO Education For All Global Monitoring Report— Overcoming inequality: why governance maters— states this loud and clear. Pakistan features prominently in this year’s report, which notes the role of governance failure in hindering provision of education for all in the developing countries. Pakistan along with Nigeria is predicted to account for one third of the world’s out-of-school children by 2015 where Pakistan is estimated to have 3.7 million of these children. More importantly, the report does not sugarcoat the fact that Pakistan’s attempts at forging public-private partners and developing social safety nets for the poor, though heavily publicized, have in practice failed to deliver because of poor planning, lack of financial commitment, fragmentation of responsibility among government department and heavy dependence on donors.Read More »Investing in education-Dr Masooda Bano