December 25, 2008

Trapped in hysteria-By I.A. Rehman

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THE escalating tension between India and Pakistan exposes the efforts powerful elements in both countries are making to change the Mumbai raiders’ failure into a success — for a clash between the two major South Asian states was obviously one of their prime objectives.

There were many matters of serious concern to the people that one wished to take up today but these have to be passed over because almost the entire population of the subcontinent has been trapped in conflict hysteria. Little attention is being paid to the colossal loss the two countries are inflicting on themselves by diverting all their energies into pursuing a course mature people might loathe to adopt.Read More »Trapped in hysteria-By I.A. Rehman

Bomb shelter for Musharraf

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ISLAMABAD Former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf will shift to his personal residence at Chak Shahzad after the completion of a bomb-and-explosion-proof room in it, The Nation learnt reliably here on Wednesday.
Credible sources told The Nation that former President Pervez Musharraf, who is currently residing in Army House, Rawalpindi, would not shift to his personal residence at Chak Shehzad till the completion of bullet-and-shock-proof room, being specially built by a US company.Read More »Bomb shelter for Musharraf

Overusing painkillers can spin migraine patients

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Those pain pills you think help your migraines? Take too many and you could make them worse. Overusing painkillers can spin migraine patients into a rut, spurring more headaches that in turn require more pain medication. A very unlucky fraction even get what’s called chronic migraine, where they’re in pain more days than not, and new research suggests certain prescription painkillers, including narcotics, increase that risk.Read More »Overusing painkillers can spin migraine patients