December 23, 2008

Pakistan needed an energy policy

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Ali Hammad Raza

While attending the energy delta convention 2008 held in the Netherlands, I listened to the brightest minds from around the world share their vision on energy. European energy analysts were engaged in drafting joint targets for the future. They also reported their failures and successes based on the goals set forth in previous conventions. All of these proceedings reminded me more and more of my beloved country’s lack of policy on energy issues.
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Rupee regains strength vs dollar-22nd December 2008

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KARACHI: The national currency recovered some of its strength against the American currency in the inter-bank market, dealers said on Monday.

The rupee gained 10 paisas against the dollar during the day’s trading. The greenback commenced the week’s trading at Rs 78.75 for buying, appreciated and was changing hands at Rs 78.95 for buying and Rs 79.00 for selling at the end of the day’s trading. Read More »Rupee regains strength vs dollar-22nd December 2008

Corruption, confrontational politics threaten progress in S Asia: WB

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By Sajid Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: Corruption, confrontational politics and conflicts threaten to derail the process of economic development in South Asia, states World Bank Annual report 2008, released here on Monday.

The launching of the report coincided with the increasing tension between India and Pakistan over Mumbai attacks and possibility of an armed conflict between the two nuclear states. Read More »Corruption, confrontational politics threaten progress in S Asia: WB

Roaring PAF jets charge up Lahoris

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LAHORE: Hovering of Pakistan Air Force fighter jets in Lahore’s skies on Monday charged up the people who gathered on their rooftops and shouted slogans. The roaring jets suddenly appeared in the skies and the people, especially children, enjoyed their flights. After the ‘show’, Lahoris started discussing a possible Pak-India war while rumourmongerers said that the jets were following Indian planes, which intruded into the Pakistan’ s air space. Read More »Roaring PAF jets charge up Lahoris