Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Crossing swords-Anjum Niaz

Secretary of State Condi Rice has categorically pointed to “Pakistani soil” being used in Mumbai attacks. And she expects “Pakistan to act.” This is a blunt order from our benefactors who have doled out 10 billion dollars to keep the terrorists at bay. News has it that Barack Obama has […]

In crisis mode-Ahmad Rafay Alam

Earlier this year, the governments of India and Pakistan were actually trying to sort out an easier visa process for travellers. Just the type of boring diplomatic work that countries that trust each other get themselves into. On Nov 26, a heavily armed and expertly trained gang of terrorists plunged […]

Guidelines for sacrificial meats

Shahina Maqbool Islamabad Do not rinse the meat of sacrificial animals before cooking it. Why? By doing so, you will spread more bacteria around your sink. Cooking the meat to a proper temperature is a far better way of killing bacteria. Beef, veal and lamb should reach 63°C. Reheat leftovers […]