November 2008

Pakistan’s currency crisis

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Meekal Aziz Ahmed

Once again, the State Bank, the guardian of our financial system and watch dog over currency dealers, has been caught napping on the job. Asleep and blissfully unaware at the helm, an estimated $10 billion, most certainly much more than that, has left the country through capital flight, right under its nose. If the State Bank could not do anything about it, it should have, at least, known about it. I doubt it did.
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Obama’s foreign policy challenges

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Dr Maleeha Lodhi

With Barack Obama’s election America has turned a new page in its history. Will this landmark moment be seized to give US foreign policy a new direction? An anxious world awaits a change in course from a man who on the election trail spoke repeatedly of the need to build a new international consensus to confront the transnational problems the world faces today.
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Some environmental initiatives

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Ahmad Rafay Alam
The state of environmental regulation in Pakistan needs immediate attention. The World Bank published its strategic environment assessment of Pakistan in 2006. Its disclosures are startling. In Pakistan, environmental degradation is responsible for an estimated 45 million cases of respiratory diseases, 30,000 premature infant deaths and US$ 6bn in economic losses every year. The government of Pakistan, meanwhile, has disowned the report. The control over and stability of the environment are not thought of as important issues. This must change.
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Pakistan Higher Education Commission confirms Monticello University is fake

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By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the prime regulatory body for higher education in the country, has formally confirmed to The News that the Monticello University, which had issued a doctorate degree to PPP Minister Babar Awan, is not an accredited university in the US.
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Woman and Man in India

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By Aakar Patel

Despite being in the land of Kama Sutra — which few have read — Indians have no polite word for sex. Drawing-room conversation on the subject is couched in allusion. The middle class lean on English to express themselves, but cannot do it in their mother tongue.
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