November 2008

A dream in danger-Anjum Niaz

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Asif Ali Zardari borrowed Martin Luther King’s catchy line “I have a dream” for his maiden address to parliament after it unanimously elected him president. King’s ‘dream’ has come true with an African-American headed for the White House. Zardari’s dream “to free this great country (Pakistan) from the shackles of poverty, hunger, terrorism and disunity,” may never come true.Read More »A dream in danger-Anjum Niaz

How the brain decides

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In making a decision, our brains operate like a bookie’s computer, weighing the actions of others in the same way that we learn from our mistakes in order to calculate the odds, according to a study.

Scientists observing the brain activity of volunteers who worked through a series of tests say the results challenge conventional theories about how — and where — decisions are formed in the brain. Read More »How the brain decides