November 16, 2008

Woman and Man in India

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By Aakar Patel

Despite being in the land of Kama Sutra — which few have read — Indians have no polite word for sex. Drawing-room conversation on the subject is couched in allusion. The middle class lean on English to express themselves, but cannot do it in their mother tongue.
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Chaudhry brothers’ final shut up call to Musharraf

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By Tariq Butt

ISLAMABAD: Top PML-Q leaders have warned former president Pervez Musharraf not to push them to a point where they have to join those demanding his open trial for abrogating the Constitution.

“Some key political forces, particularly the PML-N, are repeatedly stressing that you should be tried for high treason; conspiracies against us should not go to an extent where we too join them,” the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and some other PML-Q leaders, who recently met Musharraf, told him in plain words.Read More »Chaudhry brothers’ final shut up call to Musharraf

Pakistan-IMF deal has many hidden conditions

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By Ikram Hoti

ISLAMABAD: The IMF deal will bring the consumers, subscribers and provincial governments on a collision course after its hidden conditions will be revealed.

The major controversy is about the interest rate to be paid by Pakistan. The standby facility being offered is said to be the highest ever on a soft-loan mark-up of 3.51 to 4.51 per cent agreed to by any country for foreign currency bailout.Read More »Pakistan-IMF deal has many hidden conditions