Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

Pakistan on the edge, warns US intelligence report

By Anwar Iqbal WASHINGTON: US intelligence agencies have reported that increased violence, massive energy and food shortages and political instability threatens to destabilise Pakistan. The report, known as the National Intelligence Estimate, is collectively produced by 16 US intelligence agencies including CIA and the FBI, and is presented to the […]

Idiocracy-Fasi Zaka

There is a Mike Judge film called Idiocracy. The film itself is quite poorly done, but its premise is intellectually spectacular (even plausible). It envisions a future where intellect is severely compromised because the poor continue to overpopulate and the rich, the educated, have increasingly smaller numbers of children until […]

The day after-Ikram Sehgal

The long lines outside the polling stations on Election Day meant unprecedented numbers and history in the making. The US woke up having made history by electing its first coloured president. What happens in the US impacts the rest of the world, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong, the first man to […]