November 3, 2008

What about Pakistani social capital? By Rabel Akhund

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IN the coming weeks and months a lot will be written about the firm grip of the IMF in which Pakistan will find itself. Writers will write about the state of our national coffers, our economy and the plight of the poor.

However, in this article I want to address a different aspect of the current crisis, which, if dealt with properly, can contribute to greater overall prosperity.Read More »What about Pakistani social capital? By Rabel Akhund

DHA Lahore goes to the dogs

               *Event organiser says dogs are awarded positions according to their attitude, physique, running style, stamina and vigour
*Heavy training essential for canines to compete at the show
*Participants need to be friendly to dogs and humans

LAHORE: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan organised a dog show in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on Sunday, which enthralled several dog lovers. Read More »DHA Lahore goes to the dogs

On parks- By Ahmad Rafay Alam

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The world’s first public park, Peel Park, was opened in Salford, Greater Manchester, in 1864. It was the first of three public parks opened that year, all of which had been financed by public subscription. The reasons why these and other public parks were created carry important lessons for anyone concerned with the state of our cities. Our regressive attitude towards the public park and other community or green spaces can be understood only when the social and political context of the urban public park is considered.Read More »On parks- By Ahmad Rafay Alam