November 2008

Crucial aspects about economic development

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Dr Zafar Altaf

Economists might feel a bit slighted if I say that economic development is not about economics alone and economists must learn to understand the elements that are there in economic development. That understanding will take a long time. In the developing world the economists are generally brained in the western theories and they lack the depth of local knowledge. Conceited, as they are and with degrees from elsewhere they romp around as if they are the cat’s whiskers, hopping around the world with another country’s agenda that is not in consonance with one’s own. Read More »Crucial aspects about economic development

What is cholesterol test?

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The cholesterol test is a quantitative analysis of the cholesterol levels in a sample of the patient’s blood. Total serum cholesterol (TC) is the measurement routinely taken. Doctors sometimes order a complete lipoprotein profile to better evaluate the risk for atherosclerosis (coronary artery disease, or CAD).Read More »What is cholesterol test?

No lecture, no talks but Musharraf parties on

By Aamir Ghauri
LONDON: Telling the truth has never been the forte of Pakistani leaders, ruling or retired, political or marshal. And those who are ruled remain fully aware of the maladies their rulers suffer from. Hardly the ruled hold malice towards their rulers for being so fickle but hope flickers nonetheless in their broken hearts that a day would dawn when their governors would feel proud in sharing the tales of their nocturnal shenanigans with Pakistan’s lesser beings. After all they rule in their name.
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Moonraker and muckrakers —Mahmud Sipra

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There is talk of all kinds of regulatory set of rules for the Press, the bureaucracy, the legal community et al. Let there be one for politicians as well. One such rule for them should be that children, regardless of their parentage, ought never to be targeted until they have come of age and stepped into the realm of public domain of their own volition
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