September 2008

Global financial turmoil and Pakistan

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By Nasir Jamal


The financial markets in the United States are in a turmoil of historic proportions, most serious since the Great Depression. The crisis triggered by sub-prime mortgage debts and the unprecedented state intervention to stem the deepening trouble in the financial markets are being viewed by many as the beginning of the end of the American financial capitalism, at least as we have known it until a few days ago.
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Energy crisis in Pakistan – where planning went wrong?


Pakistan, though lacking in oil resources, is blessed with lots of streams, with enormous hydro power potential. Pakistan is also gifted with huge gas and coal reserves which are sufficient for many decades to meet the energy needs. The question arises that in the presence of huge gas, coal and water resources, where it went wrong that today Pakistan is facing acute energy crisis.Read More »Energy crisis in Pakistan – where planning went wrong?