Monthly Archives: August 2008

If I was Asif Zardari 1

DR GHAYUR AYUB The other evening, whilst sitting in front of the television, feeling tired, I closed my eyes and the political uncertainty in Pakistan started going through my mind. I must have dosed off to sleep at one point as I dreamt sitting in a big chair surrounded by […]

President Zardari? Dr Farrukh Saleem

Can anyone name a Pakistani soul who has more votes in our presidential electoral college than does Mr Asif Ali Zardari? To be certain, presidential-hopeful Zardari is a product of a process – a process called elections. He is also a product of a system of governance – a system […]

Summer grapes of wrath

Masood Hasan Columnists or hacks as I prefer to call this band of pen pushers and keyboard punchers are no great sages who can miraculously transcend the confusion and chaos of daily life and pronounce awe inspiring judgments and conclusions that makes everyone else suddenly see the light – an […]