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’’بی بی کا مصاحب!‘‘انجم نیاز کاکالم

صحافی شیام بھاٹیہ کے اس دعویٰ پر بڑی لے د ے ہو رہی ہے کہ وہ بے نظیر کے محرم راز اور مصاحب رہے ہیں ۔بی بی کے معاملے میں یہ امتیاز اور اعزاز صرف ان لوگوں کو حاصل ہے جو آکسفورڈ کے زمانے میں ان کے دوست تھے۔ میں […]

Shifting focus —Abbas Rashid

Unfortunately, sections of the establishment in both India and Pakistan are far from reconciled to the idea of peace and closer ties between the two countries. But, whatever the veracity of these accusations and counter-accusations, they create more space for those who still think militancy is the answer

Pakistan: 32pc inflation breaks 30-year-old record

ISLAMABAD – Higher energy and food prices have pushed inflation over 32 per cent, the highest in the last 30 years, as both the government and businessmen have started passing on the bulk to consumers. Federal Bureau of Statistics on Friday reported that inflation for all the income groups, ranging […]

Aid and conflict resolution-By Ayesha Siddiqa

LAST week I had the pleasure of attending an international conference on peace and sustainable development, courtesy the German Development Agency. It was highly romantic to listen to papers for a week in an academic environment in Belgium about alternative methods of peace-building and economic development. The emphasis was on […]