Daily Archives: July 10, 2008

For art’s sake —Sarah Humayun 2

The idea that plays or performances or concerts can counteract the image (euphemism for truth) that there are groups in Pakistan which support fanatical religious ideas and can use shocking forms and degrees of violence to achieve them, is mystifying

Losing direction, losing credibility-Ikram Sehgal

Their own record of governance being rather dismal, the PML-Q’s scoring the coalition government’s 100-day performance negatively is a bit thick. However, the PPP and the PML-N cannot continue the pretence of being partners. Besides, the government being in a state of limbo and paralysis, this falsehood is force-multiplied by […]

Who votes for whom and why? By Ishrat Hyat

Politics make for strange bedfellow, as they say and you will find the strangest combination of men and women making up the various political parties, from the modern, couldn’t care less type to the thoroughly conservative — a matter of expediency, no doubt! They might have their differences; they might […]