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Biofuels: challenges and opportunities

By Dr Muhammad Ishaque and Muhammad Ahmad BIOFUEL can be defined as solid, liquid, or gas fuel consisting of or derived from biomass. It is a material derived from organisms such as plants, animals and their by-products. Manure, garden waste and crop residues are all sources of biomass.

100 days later —Mariam Mufti

The PPP has tried to confront the challenges facing Pakistan. It should be given credit for announcing the budget in a timely manner, and for at least attempting to manage the food crisis, the unprecedented increase in fuel prices and ballooning fiscal deficit

Glaucoma could blind 8.4 million Asians by 2010

More than 8.4 million people in Asia will turn blind from glaucoma by 2010 if they do not undergo timely treatment, a region-wide survey released on Monday showed.Glaucoma, irreversible damage on the optic nerve caused by high pressure within the eyeball, was the world’s second leading cause of blindness after […]

Islamabad: Lal Masjid horror revisited

15 policemen deployed at anniversary rally among 19 dead in Islamabad suicide attack * Bomber targeted groups of over 50 policemen near Melody Market * Rehman Malik says attacker appeared to be 35-37 years old * Lal Masjid spokesman condemns attack By Imran Naeem Ahmad and Fazal Sher/Agencies ISLAMABAD: A […]