Daily Archives: July 5, 2008

Lahoris at risk of facial paralysis during monsoon 1

LAHORE: Lahoris are increasingly falling victim of facial paralysis because of humidity and viral infections during the monsoon season, said Pakistan Medical Society President Dr Masood Sheikh on Friday. “A case of facial paralysis or Bells palsy (in medical terms) is reported to city hospitals daily,” he told Daily Times.

Battle for survival — Salman Tarik Kureshi

Practically every government, civilian or military, has been culpable in failing to integrate the Tribal Areas into the nation, so that they became, successively, a smugglers’ den, a thieves’ refuge, a centre for drug-trafficking and gun-running and, finally, a staging ground for international terrorism

I am not leaving, says Musharraf

By Tahir Hasan Khan KARACHI: President Pervez Musharraf, while referring to the media rumours that he was fleeing the country, categorically said on Friday that he was not leaving the scene. “I am not afraid of anybody. I have been in the Army,” he boasted. He added that he had […]

Murree — the queen of hills

Associated Press of Pakistan ISLAMABAD: Murree also known as “Queen of Hills” is a popular tourist resort in northern Pakistan. This thriving summer resort is just an hours drive from the Capital, Islamabad. The scenic journey, with a great view of forest clad mountains and majestic pines on densely wooded […]