Monthly Archives: July 2008

A failed civilian coup- Ikram Sehgal 1

Timed to go into effect before the prime minister reached the US, the bizarre government notification at nine pm on July 26, putting both the ISI and the IB under the “administrative, financial and operational” control of the federal interior ministry was no accident, it was deliberately intended to (1) […]

Musharraf’s nuclear sell-out- Part II

Asif Ezdi In an interview on Dec 18, 2006, Under-secretary Burns said “There are some Pakistanis who…are not happy about [the nuclear deal with India] — not President Musharraf, but people beneath him.” The question naturally arises why Musharraf was “happy” – or at least not unhappy – with the […]

Pakistan at the crossroads

Saeed Qureshi Pakistan is in the grip of a pervasive panic and swelling tumult. The downtrodden sections of society are clamoring for a right to live. The poverty and despondency is writ large on the face of Pakistan and its inhabitants barring the resourceful. Prophets of doom and skeptics apart, […]