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پاکستان کے ساٹھ بڑے لوگ کون؟ (مستنصر حسین تارڑ کاکالم ہزار داستان)

انڈیا ٹو ڈے کے سروے کے مطابق ساٹھ عظیم ہندوستانیوں کی فہرست میں کیرالہ کی ریاست کے پہلے جمہوری طورپر منتخب ہونے والے کمیونسٹ وزیراعلیٰ نمبودری پد بھی شامل ہیں کمیونزم کے فلسفے کے برعکس وہ شدید طور پر جمہوریت پسند تھے اورانہوں نے کیرالہ کوایک مثالی ریاست بنادیا۔ خواندگی […]

To cross-border humanism-By I.A. Rehman

PUBLIC opinion in both India and Pakistan is apparently relieved that the process of composite dialogue between their governments continues. Still, it is not possible to conceal one’s disappointment that the latest round of ministerial talks in Islamabad could not register progress towards bridging the divide between the two neighbours. […]

Coal power generation in Pakistan 10

Tipoo Sultan Coal is presently world’s fastest growing fuel particularly in the developing countries. Coal’s importance can be judged from the fact that it provides 26 % of primary energy and 40 % of world electricity supply. Coal has gained special importance due to growing concerns for energy security prompted […]

World economic map in 2050

By Dr Iram Khan ECONOMISTS tend to divide the world in terms of economic development or growth potential. We have a group of G-7 countries, which are the most industrialised and the richest. Also, there is a group of OECD countries as well as a cluster of emerging economies. There […]

Lahore: UK visa application processing duration announced

LAHORE: The British High Commission (BHC) on Thursday said the processing time for all visa applications was 15 working days. “The exceptions to this are settlement cases, which currently take up to 60 days to be processed”, the BHC said. The visa applications can be submitted online by visiting or […]