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Pak Economy

Important information about Pakistan economy

Pakistan’s share in global trade shrinks

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By Mansoor Ahmad

LAHORE: Pakistan has been losing its share in global markets which experts blame on the limited range of products and dependence on a small number of markets resulting in a constant decline in the country’s share in global trade.

They say India has increased its share in global trade after diversification of export products from 0.6 per cent in 1999 to 1.45 per cent in 2008 while Pakistan’s share has shrunk from 0.21 per cent to 0.13 per cent in the same period.
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Reasons for poverty in Pakistan


In Pakistan, currently more than 20% people are living below the poverty line. People in the rural areas are poorer than in the urban areas. Pakistan and foreign economists have different criteria to describe poverty. According to some foreign economists, if a person’s daily income is less than one dollar a day, then he is considered as living below the poverty line.Read More »Reasons for poverty in Pakistan

Successes and failures on the development front

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By Aftab Ahmad Khan

During the last six decades development has occupied the centre of the stage in reflection and action concerning man’s present and future; prodigious industry has been invested in it. Every generation in the past set goals for itself and registered at least partial success in attaining them; but the contemporary predicament of man and its awesome proportions have sharpened the debate in respect of both the finalities and instrumentalities of development. For over six decades the subject has been debated and examined from every possible angle. What appeared to be fail proof panaceas were accepted and tried. When their promise did not materialize there was some inevitable shift in paradigms and new strategies were experimented with.Read More »Successes and failures on the development front

Pakistan among states that will shape future of world economy

NBP president gets Kamyab Pakistan shield

KARACHI: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) President Syed Ali Raza has said that Pakistan is among the 15 countries that would shape the future of world economy because of its geographical location, huge market of 160 million people, human and natural resources.

He said this on the occasion of receiving the fourth annual Kamyab Pakistan shield from the Jang, The News and Geo Television at a ceremony organised at a local hotel on Monday. Read More »Pakistan among states that will shape future of world economy

Critical issues related to industrial revival in Pakistan

The industrial sector has a larger potential to contribute but is on hold due to poor policy initiatives, lack of innovation and diversification in products for meeting the needs of domestic and global consumers

By M. Sharif

A steep dip of 8.49 per cent in industrial production during the first 11 months of the last fiscal year compared to the highest growth of 19.9 per cent during FY 2004-05 and the necessity of boosting industrial production, raises many questions about industrial revival in difficult times of domestic fiscal and monetary constraints, global economic recession and shrinking global trade. The government, at least theoretically, aims at pursuing an export-led economic growth to raise Pakistan’s share in global trade that during the last decade has shrunk from 0.21 to 0.13 per cent, according to WTO data. How can this be translated into something concrete and real? This question has to be at the heart of new industrial policy that the government intends to unveil before the end of the current year.Read More »Critical issues related to industrial revival in Pakistan