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He who has seen Lahore —Ali Sethi

ali_sethiMuslims in Mumbai: they had become real to me on my last night in Bangalore. I was sitting in an auto-rickshaw with Sai and Khan and was going, after eating my first dosa in a crowded street, to have a special kind of chai at a place called the Makkah Cafe

“And how does it feel?” said Mr Singh, the short, plump man who had shown me into my room at the hotel. I said, “It’s a lot like Lahore.” But that was only partly true. The way the leaves of trees hung above the roads of Delhi, obscuring the sky, and the meringue-like buildings on Connaught Place — these were like bits of Lahore. But there had also been temples on the way from the airport, and signboards that gave the names of streets in three different scripts. A woman was standing at the hotel entrance in a blue-and-red uniform, which was like the uniform worn by Lahore’s recently inducted female traffic wardens, but most of them had been quickly chased away by whistling car-drivers.Read More »He who has seen Lahore —Ali Sethi

Sympathy for the Devil —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

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askariSupport for Islamist discourse on national and international issues and militancy is reflected in the electronic media and the press, especially the Urdu press. Some columnists and TV anchors present an extremely slanted view of politics and society

It is reassuring that Pakistan’s army, air force and paramilitary have dislodged the Taliban from Malakand and are now concentrating on South Waziristan. The current single-minded approach of the civilian government and the military authorities for countering terrorism has checked the creeping advance of the Taliban-led militancy into mainland Pakistan.Read More »Sympathy for the Devil —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi


ali_sukhanverALI SUKHANVER

Balochistan is not just a land but a story full of courage , determination  and adventure. The readers are always expecting something new something novel at every line and every word. All time new challenges new threats, new fronts and new battles; but salute to the brave people of Balochistan for never giving up the courage and determination even in the most alluring moments when their veiled enemies are offering them a hypocritical hand of friendship trying to drag them to a heavenly hell.Read More »DRAGGING TO A HEAVENLY HELL

Pakistan’s intercontinental missile underway

Technology to cover range of 7,000 Kms


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, to increase its defensive capabilities, has started preparing intercontinental missile with a range of 7000 kilometers.

According to sources, the intercontinental missile has a range of 7000 kilometers and is capable of hitting its target falling within its range. The missile can contain nuclear as well as traditional warheads. The missile has been termed a significant milestone for the defence of the country and is believed to strengthen the defence. According to sources, the missile would soon be test fired. Read More »Pakistan’s intercontinental missile underway

Overseas Pakistanis Database

KB from Overseas Pakistanis Foundation has posted the following message in comments section of Overseas Pakistanis helpline, which is being posted here as separate post. All the Overseas Pakistani Friends are requested to pass this information on to other OP Friends as well.

 Dear Friends,

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) is updating the database of overseas Pakistanis as at present no accurate data is available.Read More »Overseas Pakistanis Database

Lawyers’ ‘Highhandedness and Physical Abuse’ of Journalists in Pakistan

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By Zafar Iqbal 

 Journalists in Pakistani city Lahore are facing manhandling and attacks by lawyers who are furious on telecasting videos on TV channels in which   lawyers were shown beating up police officials. 

Local press reports that the mobs of lawyers’ thrashed journalists broke their cameras and DSNG vans and used offensive language against them in various incidents during the last two weeks.Read More »Lawyers’ ‘Highhandedness and Physical Abuse’ of Journalists in Pakistan

Islamabad Traffic Police introduce internationally valid driving license

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have started issuing improved driving licenses having eight security features that make it impossible to prepare fake versions. “This new license would contain finger prints of holders and also their driving history along with standing on the in-built points table and biometric safeguard,” said Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Dr Sultan Azam Temuri on Tuesday.Read More »Islamabad Traffic Police introduce internationally valid driving license


DR MEHMOOD UL HASSAN KHAN ABSTRACT Foreign aid plays very essential role in the overall development of a country provided it is utilized properly. Due to the scarcity of economic resources and others natural constraints… Read More »COMPARATIVE STUDY OF GLOBAL ROLE OF FOREIGN AID IN THE DEVELOPMENT AND ASSOCIATES STRATEGIES FOR PAKISTAN